Monday, May 16, 2011

Authentic Mexican Salsa

I finally got it!  A lady Chris works with told me how to make salsa!!  It is so yummy!

Stewed tomatoes.  You can take fresh ones and put them in a pot with peppers and a some water. Or just use canned. (In summer, she roasts fresh ones over the BBQ or in oven.  Can't wait for garden tomatoes!) Put these through the blender or processor.
Boiled or roasted serano peppers (can use jalapeno, not as hot)  (Put peppers on a tray in oven at 400 til they are shriveled and flat. 20-30 minutes.)  To boil, just add them to tomatoes and cook about 10 minutes.  (I usually just boil, it's faster)  Blend up peppers in blender or food processor with salt and a tomato or two to make a chile sauce. Add as much as you like.  I usually do at least 3 or 4 for 2 cans of tomatoes.  Take out seeds and ribs to reduce heat. I make a lot at once and store in fridge or you can freeze it for next time.  We have a running bowl of it, so I always use mine up.
White onion, when you think you have enough, ADD MORE!!
Green onion, if desired.  Not necessary, but really good.
Cilantro, lots of it.
Avocado, if desired.  Chop up fine and put the pit in the bowl of salsa.  It keeps the avocado from browning--it really works!!
You can also add oregano for a nice change.  Just a little.

You'll just have to play with it to get it like you like.  I never measure, just add til I like it.  Sorry.  But, isn't that easy??  I couldn't believe it was canned tomatoes.  And the roasted peppers is the secret!  It makes the salsa so much better!  Good luck and happy dipping!

Chris and I have been putting this on everything!  Eggs, chips, tacos, salads, so we use less creamy dressing, even a Johnsonville sweet Italian sausage!  All were fabulous.

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