Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spicy Shredded Crockpot Beef

I made this at Lava for the family.  We put it in tacos.  It is our very favorite and last night I used it as French Dip!  YUM!! is all I can say. Often I use 2 roasts and we eat it for a couple days or I freeze extra.

4# roast (I use chuck or arm or a nicer one, too.  It is a good way to use up roast!)
2 T Tone's Roasted Garlic Seasoning  (I got this at Costco. Just add fresh or powdered garlic if you don't want to get it.  But, it is worth getting!)
1 t red pepper flakes (this makes it moderately spicy, so add more or less depending on what you like.)
1 T salt

Put meat in crockpot.  Add seasoning and a little water.  Crockpot all day. (6-8 hrs) It will shred easily when it's done.  I have been freezing the juice to use this winter in soup or gravy.  It is so yummy.  I could drink it!  :) 

For tacos:  Small round corn tortillas.  You can either put Pam on them or not.  Microwave them in a stack in paper towel 40 seconds for 10. Put meat in, then cilantro and white onion and salsa of your choice.

For French Dip:  I decreased the red pepper flakes by about half.  I had a packet of au jus (mine is just western family and I like it) I added maybe a teaspoon to the roast to make it a little more "beefy".  It was really good.  The broth gets very concentrated from sitting all day, so I add water til it's right for dipping sauce.  Get some hoagie rolls or mini french bread.  Put it under the broiler til brown, add mozzarella/parmesan or swiss cheese to bread and stick under the broiler til melted.  Put meat on, and get dipping!  Kids loved them and so did we!  4# roast feeds my family of 6 one dinner and lunch for me and little ones next day.

Someone told me if something is too salty, throw an onion in it and it will take some of the salt out of your dish.  I have heard the same thing about potatoes.  Just FYI if you get yours too salty!

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