Monday, August 25, 2008

Raspberry Almond Blondies

When I went to Raspberry days in Bear Lake, they were selling white chocolate chip cookie with fresh raspberries in them and they were so delicious! I thought I'd look for a recipe and I found this one which is way better and doesn't everyone like a bar cookie so you aren't standing by a hot stove for hours waiting for your cookies? Costco had big, beautiful raspberries so I splurged and made these yesterday and Kel loved them! Here you go!

1-1/8 sticks unsalted butter at room temp. (9T)

1-2/3 C flour (I use a little cake flour for extra chewiness)

1 t baking powder

3/4 t salt

1 C packed brown sugar

1 t vanilla

1 C sliced almonds, toasted

1 pint raspberries

Powdered sugar for dusting

White chocolate chips

325 oven for 55-60 minutes

Spray 8x8 pan with pam then line with parchment and spray again. Mix like you would cookies but only put in 3/4 C almonds, reserving the rest for the top, and do not mix in berries! Place berries on top and sprinkle with nuts. Dust when cooled! I one and 1/2ed the recipe for a 9x13 pan. You'll want alot!

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Erika and Ryan said...

Yummy picture! They look wonderful.